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About Us

Our ancestors developed
we are evolving & practicing

Ayurved, means the Science/Knowledge of Life. To lead a happy life, we need a happy and healthy Mind, Body and Sole. “Kerala Ayurveda For Wellness” is just an attempt to help you to regain a healthy Mind, Body and Sole, so that you can achieve your goal of leading a happy and peacefull life.

We are just guiding you with the procedures which you already know, are beneficial for you but becuase you are busy so we take responsibility to remind you so that, you don’t miss them.

Sleep in an Absolute Peace
Wake up to a Bright Sunshine


Our Therapies and treatments are strictly based on the
Ancient Ayurvedic Principles


Classical full body massage with medicated oils. The relaxing and refreshing body massage is done with medicated herbal oil for 45 mins followed by steam bath. It’s rhythmic motion helps to relieve joint and muscles stiffness, relieves aches and knots and increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.


Stream of warm medicated oil poured on the head in a rhythmic manner with gentle massage. This deep relaxing and releaving therapy involves a consistent flow of suitable Ayurvedic oils on the forehead, specifically the third eye which is said to be the seat of human conciousness. 

Kizhi (Potli)

Commonly called as Potle Massage is a special therapy where certain specific herbs, oils, powders, grains and other natural things are used in the small bundles in the form of Kizhi(Potlies) with different levels of pressure and duration according to the ailment/requirement.

Foot Massage

If there is one part of your body that works hard for you, it is your feet. Every nerve in your body finds its home in your feet, a foot massage can affect your entire nervous system. Massaging your feet helps detoxify your body, balance emotions, and improve blood circulation.

Happy Clients

Your Happiness is our Motivation.

"Had an amazing experience. The therapiest is fully equipped as well as professional at his work. I would definitely recommend it. I feel fully healed-up and relaxed after the herbal therapy." Best part is, you get it at the comfort of your own place.
Kavita Arora
"Excellent way to get de-stressed through Ayurveda therapies at home." I was a bit confused to have such treatment at home but after my first session I was fully impressed with the conduct. I strongly recommend
Akshat Guleria


Ayurveda is not just Curative
but Preventive as Well.

Panchkarma is a combination of five therapies which helps us regaining our normal and healthy equillibrium of tridosha. It helps us to detox our body internally as well as externally.