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Ayurveda: The “Science/Knowledge of Life” has given us a detailed and elaborated knowledge bank to deal with each and every condition as well as situation in this universe.

From the Sea of Ayurveda whatever drops of knowledge we could collect we are trying to utilize it for the betterment of this Devine Universe.

We only use authentic herbal product for all our therapies.

We follow the therapies to the core as prescribed in the Devine Text.

Each programme and therapy is designed after the thorough examination of the client so that we can result oriented programme.


Classical full body massage with medicated oils. The relaxing and refreshing body massage is done with medicated herbal oil for 45 mins followed by steam bath. It’s rhythmic motion helps to relieve joint and muscles stiffness, relieves aches and knots and increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.


Proin Stream of warm medicated oil poured on the head in a rhythmic manner with gentle massage. This deep relaxing and releaving therapy involves a consistent flow of suitable Ayurvedic oils on the forehead, specifically the third eye which is said to be the seat of human conciousness. It has a balancing effect on the deepest recesses of the brain hereby creating a blissful sensation. It is accompained by a gentle massage and helps in alleviating stress, fatigue, and insomnia.

Kizhi (Potli Massage)

Commonly called as Potle Massage is a special therapy where certain specific herbs, oils, powders, grains and other natural things are used in the small bundles in the form of Kizhi(Potlies) with different levels of pressure and duration according to the ailment/requirement.


Nasyam is an Ayurvedic therapy for headache, sinusitis, migraine, ear, nose and throat ailments. During this therapy, medicated powder, juice, or herbal oils are gently dripped in through the nostrils. This therapy is very effective in removing toxins from the scalp and purifying organs.

Foot Massage

If there is one part of your body that works hard for you, it is your feet. Every nerve in your body finds its home in your feet, a foot massage can affect your entire nervous system. Massaging your feet helps detoxify your body, balance emotions, and improve blood and lymph circulation.

Kati Vasti

Vasti refers to a suitable compartment made up of special grains or wheat where medicated oil is poured and stored. In this procedure the vasti is placed on the affected area and warm medicated oil is poured in the compartment. Slowly the skin absorbs the oil and after 30 to 40 minutes the ring is removed and remaining oil is massaged over the affected area.

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